Thursday, April 28, 2011

baby i love youuu, you are my lifeeee [ music]

okay i LOVE alot of things but nothing and i mean nothing compares to music. I love traveling, dancing, boyssss  :], jewelry, foood, nails, arts & crafts, movies, boys! , etc. but the things that always tops my list is music. music brings a certain joy to my day and always makes me feel good. i wake up, go to sleep, clean up, take a shower, and get dressed all while listening to my favorite jams.

the best thing and worst thing is you can never really have a favorite song or rapper or singer, because music moves so fast that its always something new to change your mind. if i absolutely had to choose a favorite song, it would be "voyage to Atlantis - by the isley brothers". idk why but it doesn't matter what mood I'm in this song makes me smile and takes me there! lol

whats song takes you take you there??


  1. Greetings!

  2. Thanks,Crystal!

  3. YES!!! I love that song too! The Isley Brothers are absolutely incredible :) Coincidentally, a song that just takes me there every single time is "Beauty In The Dark" by Mos Def & The Isley Brothers! Also, "Fall N Love" by Slum Village :)

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  4. That's because the Isley Brothers are simply amazing :) I also like "Beauty In The Dark" but I haven't heard "Fall in love" I'm going to defintely check it out!! Thanks :)