Tuesday, June 26, 2012


It's been way toooo long since I've been on here. When I started this blog I wanted to blog about music, makeup, fashion, hot topics.. but I've been so distracted I really haven't had any time to post anything. I definitely wanna start over and try to spend a little more time on here.

Just a few updates:
  • New job. (well.. new since Nov) I am now a Leasing Consultant and I really like it! Its a pretty cool job.
  • New dog. My dog name is Sampson and he is pretty cool. He's a English Bulldog.. he's a big guy!
  • New jams. I have some new artist that I am loving on right now! Lol (I'll be making a post about that)
  • New Car. New Apartment. New Friends. New Goals. (yeeaa.. that sums it up.) 
I'm pretty excited about this new start. I know I only have a few followers but hopefully that changes once I really become active on here. In the mean time I have posted some social networks you guys can connect with me on. Yay!!!

Instagram : crysali
Twitter: @_CrystalAlicia_
Tumblr :CrystalAlicia