Monday, June 13, 2011

Beats, Lyrics, && Los

On twitter most of my tweets are lyrics from songs I'm listening to at the time. I know some people hear a song and listen to the beat more than the lyrics, not me.  I listen to lyrics first because I think being a rapper, if used correctly can be therapy, motivational or education for people. I like rappers that actually have something to say.

If your haven't heard of the rapper from Baltimore named Los you should check out his mixtape "Shooter"!! Shooter- Knowing what your aiming for, having a target. Having a goal. Not letting those who oppose you, kill your dream. Sometimes you gotta be a shooter. Sometimes you gotta be your own hero. Believe in Yourself!

"What if I told you that pain was suitable
That hardships, bad times, and rain was beautiful
Now have in your environment, the blame is usual
In fact, anything that you could blame is usable
What if I told you I could show you through the sky
And if you took my hand and just believe you could flyWould you stand there without your feet leaving the ground
Maybe the doubt inside your heart is what’s been keeping you down
Well I’m hear to tell you, I aint here to sell you a dream
Only you can fail ya, make your doubters hail you a king
Cause you royalty, born piss poor though the worst times
Instead of hatred, learn to love yourself for the first time
So for that hug your father never gave you, here goes one
And if I gotta be your backbone till you grow one
I will, to instill morals and principles
Just to let you know you invincible"

-Los, NextBlackPresident - Shooter Mixtape

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